SikaPaver® EC-1

High performance compaction aid for semi-dry / extruded concrete products

SikaPaver® EC-1 is a high performance compaction aid for semi-dry/no-slump extruded concrete based on the Sika® ViscoCrete® technology. This innovative admixture technology has been specifically developed for use in low cement content semi-dry/no-slump extruded concrete mixes where good surface/flanks finish and high early strength are required.

SikaPaver® EC-1 offers substantial benefits to the producer of semi-dry/no-slump extruded concrete products:
  • Efficient dispersion and distribution of cement, additives and pigments
  • Improved mould filling
  • Minimized friction between the mould and the concrete
SikaPaver® EC-1 allows for the following advantages in the finished concrete products:
  • Closer textured, smoother and more uniform surfaces
  • Consistent product quality
  • Minimized damage due to early handling
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