SikaGrind® T-1820

Efficient grinding aid and quality improver for the production of cement

SikaGrind® T1820 is a chloride free liquid cement additive to allow easier grinding of cement and enhance the quality of all types of cement. SikaGrind® T1820 has been specifically developed to obtain cements with increased early and final strengths. SikaGrind® T1820 is powered by Sika® ViscoCrete® to optimize the efficiency of modern separators and cement mills.

SikaGrind® T1820 is a very effective dispersant with the following characteristics:
  • Neutralisation of electrical charges on the surface of the cement particles
  • Separation of the cement particles
SikaGrind® T1820 provides the following advantages in the cement production:
  • Higher efficiency of the plants (tons per hour) due to reduced grinding time per ton
  • Higher separator efficiency due to improved dispersion
  • Faster achievement of the desired cement fineness
  • Reduced particle fraction > 32μ of the ground cement
  • Reduced re-agglomeration of the cement particles
SikaGrind® T1820 gives the following advantages to the finished cement :
  • Reduced handling costs especially on pneumatic conveying systems
  • Reduced risk of hydration in the silo
  • Easier discharge of the silos
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