Sika ViscoFlow®-77

Workability enhancing admixture

Sika® ViscoFlow® 77 is a workability enhancing admixture for concrete. It is a plasticiser / water reducer based on specially developed Sika ViscoFlow® technology which gives concrete, long to extremely long workability retention. Sika® ViscoFlow® 77 can be used alone with weakly alkaline cements or in conjunction with another Sika water reducer as a workability regulator with medium or strong alkaline cements.

Sika® ViscoFlow® 77 is a plasticiser which gives concrete the following properties:
  • Long to extremely long workability retention (2hrs to 6hrs depending on dosage).
  • Low viscosity concrete
  • Constant slump flow and smoothness of the concrete over hours.
Sika® ViscoFlow® 77 can be used alone or in combination with other Sika water reducers depending on the alkaline content of the cement
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