Sika ViscoFlow®-25 ZA

Workability Enhancing admixture

Sika® ViscoFlow® -25 ZA is a workability enhancing admixture for concrete based on Sikas PCE technology. Sika® ViscoFlow® -25 ZA extends the workability time without a negative effect on early strength development.

Sika® ViscoFlow® -25 ZA works based on a combination of electrostatic adsorption and steric repulsion effects. Thus, solid particles can be effectively dispersed and a high level of fluidity can be reached with less water. As a result, Sika® ViscoFlow® -25 ZA can provide higher workability time and stability than conventional dispersants.
  • Compatibility with other additives
  • Keeps workability for extended time
  • Slump retention without additional retardation and subsequent fast strength development
Sika® ViscoFlow® -25 ZA does not contain chlorides or any other ingredients which promote the corrosion of steel. It is therefore suitable for use in reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.
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