Sika® DuoCrete PG

Activating Mortar for Hybrid Galvanic System

Sika® DuoCrete PG mortar is used in the installation of the Sika® Ferrogard Patch anodes into corrosion damaged reinforced concrete. The Sika® DuoCrete PG mortar is pre-mixed and packaged in a sealant tube and applied into pre-drilled holes in the concrete. The Sika® FerroShield Patch anodes are subsequently placed into the hole, generating an embedded unit. The Sika® DuoCrete PG mortar facilitates installation of the galvanic Sika® Ferrogard Patch anode units. The cure time and physical properties have been designed to simplify installation and optimize performance.

  • Specially formulated for application
  • Pre-mixed for ease of use
  • Single component
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