Chemical Anchor

ALCOLIN CHEMICAL ANCHOR is an epoxy-based, styrene-free, high performance, rapid curing, two part chemical anchoring system. It is designed as a fast curing, high strength fixing anchor for very high loads and critical fixings especially in corrosive environments and damp conditions. The product is extruded via the mixing nozzle with the use of a standard caulking gun directly into the hole.

It provides excellent primerless adhesion to natural stone, marble, slate, granite, brickwork, plaster, concrete, hollow walls, masonry, wood and steel: specifically threaded steel rods made of zinc coated steel, stainless steel, high corrosion resistant stainless steel (HCR), or rebar.

It is fire resistant, has low shrinkage and is fast curing for rapid repair and installation work.



Uses / Applications

  • Anchoring threaded steel rods, bolts and rebar into concrete and stone.
  • Crack and gap filling repairs in concrete and masonry.
  • Balcony repairs, installation of pool ladders, safety barriers and hand rails.
  • Anchoring of railings, legs, machine housings and steel plates to concrete.
  • Steel reinforcing of concrete (grouting).

Other Information

  • Will not bond to plastics e.g. polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon.
  • For optimum strength, embedment depths must be within the range 4 diameters to 20 diameters.
  • Not suitable for anchoring structures exposed to particularly aggressive conditions e.g. permanent, alternating immersion in seawater or the splash zone of seawater.
  • Not recommended for overhead installations.
  • For anchoring applications, concrete must be a minimum of 21 days old prior to anchor installation.
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