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What we build leaves a true impression. Here we discuss complete solutions for solving essentially all building challenges.


Within every home or building structure lives the risk of water damage, some challenges associated with water damage may be:

To prevent the challenges, costs and risks brought about by water damage, here are some strategies and solutions;

Some products to provide Waterproofing with the best results;

Sealing and Bonding

Construction and repairs rely upon effective sealing and bonding, and more so on different materials such as Wood, Concrete or Masonry. When Sealing and Bonding is not done correctly, some challenges presented may be:

To mitigate challenges related to sealing and bonding, some helpful techniques are;

Some of our products for Sealing and Bonding include:


For maintaining structural integrity few things work as well as Grouting, some grouting solutions include;

Structural Strengthening

With fear of weathering amongst other concerns, compromising on structural strengthening isn’t an option. The benefits of structural strengthening are that;

Here are some products to provide the best results;

Repair and Protection

Construction projects have different demands, it’s important to meet every demand and do so well. In cases where projects require repair and protection, we offer products to give required results:


In every aspect of construction, you require a partner who has your projects or your clients in mind. We provide a range of products to cover complete solutions for your construction projects. View our shop

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Liener Investments is a official distributor of Sika and Verni products, and consists of experts who provide products that solve challenges in your construction projects. Including DIY, Repairs Renovations, Waterproofing and more.

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