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A legacy of over 100 years spent providing cutting-edge quality, performance and durability, can help build structures that stay standing for decades.

Sika has celebrated over a centaury developing their quality and expertise. Making it the key to the success of your projects.

Here are a few challenges along with products that can impactfully make a change:


From waterproof coatings and solutions for reservoirs, roofs, flowerboxes, foundation walls, floors, silos and many places requiring waterproofing. Sika has a standard which is unmatched. We are the official local distributors offering various comprehensive solutions, including products such as;

Sealants and Bonding

Sikaflex is an example of one of many solutions for sealing and bonding that is available, and it has been the professionals favorite in construction for over 50 years. As your local distributor, many solutions are available to help with everything from window or connection joints, and more, these include;

Building Finishing

Even when the work is nearly done, some challenges may persist when beautifying, protecting or strengthening the structure. We are your local distributor to bring solutions to help accomplish this goal, these include;

Flooring & Coating

For different types of flooring a comprehensive range of products have been perfected to help achieve lasting results, even in industrial settings. We are your local distributor helping bring you these solutions, including;

Join Us in Building Your Legacy

Choosing the right solutions, helps your projects leave a lasting legacy. We at Liener Investments are official local distributors of Sika, with over 100 years of expertise behind them and exemplary results that speak for themselves. We also are distributors of other manufacturers, to enable us to offer the right solution for your challenge.

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Liener Investments is a official distributor of Sika and Verni products, and consists of experts who provide products that solve challenges in your construction projects. Including DIY, Repairs Renovations, Waterproofing and more.

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