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Dealing with Rising Damp

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Serenity and safety are important in construction, yet rising damp can be hazardous to health and may also result in costly challenges.

Understanding Rising Damp

Rising damp occurs when moisture from the ground is drawn upward through materials such as bricks and mortar. This intrusive moisture can then result in different issues which include unsightly damp patches, peeling wallpaper, mold growth, or structural damage through demineralization.

Wall with damage from damp

Image of Structural Damage caused by rising damp


Amongst the causes of rising damp are;


Amongst the solutions to prevent rising damp are;

Effective Repair and Solutions

It’s important and crucial to address rising damp promptly which may prevent or mitigate further damage, here are some cost effective solutions:

Damp proofing treatments

These are crucial to address the issue promptly or mitigate further damage should it occur. Some effective solutions are:

In Conclusion

With the proper preventive or effective treatment measures, rising damp and its impact can be effectively mitigated, prevented or minimized.

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